We are V

As we evolve through growth and experiences our identity changes and with that so do our brands.

The brands and products I’ve created are an extension of who I am and what I believe in, embody.

I realized from starting Valkyrie in 2015 to now in the present day of 2022 that I have evolved, a lot. I’m no longer the same person I was in 2015, and neither is Valkyrie.

After spending endless hours thinking about Valkyrie the direction it was on, I just didn’t feel inspired anymore. So I began to change my thought process and ask myself questions like,

“What has my journey been like these past several years?"
“What is my anthem and who does it affect?”

I sat in one place for over 12 hours straight with a blank canvas, redefining what Valkyrie meant to me and how I wanted others to feel within the culture, when they put on the V symbol and what it means.

Within those 12 hours I defined my journey and my mantra and it goes like this:

I have beauty in my strength.
There is no place I haven't been and no place I won't go.
Darkness is neither a friend nor foe.
I stand for what's just and right.
There is no battle I’m not willing to fight.
I am voracious, virtuous, victorious
-We are V

I want to thank you all for evolving with me, for being a voice for the oppressed and a beacon of strength for the broken.
We are a community of valiant and unruly women who empower others to chase greatness and challenge the world to test their fortitude.

Thanks for being a part of this community. I hope to continue to empower every single woman to find beauty in their strength, to live to their fullest potential and find joy in lifes toughest battles.