WERV is my Medicine

WERV is my Medicine



Days away from starting 2023! I woke up at 4AM this morning ready to finish out the year strong. So here I am. 

What a year it has been for WERV.  I went into 2022 extremely clear with the direction of the brand WERV but.. it completely took a turn, I went off path, and found my tru one.

Something that 2022 uncovered for me was my Mental Health.

I honestly didn't even know how diverse mental health can be from one individual to another, until this past year where my mental health issues started making a room inside my head.  It's crippling at times, even for a strong strong person like myself. Which is another reason why I wanted to open up, if anyone else feels like I do, know you're not alone. 

I have battled within myself even putting this out there with the fear of my vulnerability would get the best of me.

I'll start out by saying, I don't like any defining labels especially ones that have a negative connotation about them...

I believe we will attach to the negative and allow it to be a crutch instead of figuring out the real problem. Once you identify with something it's hard to detach from.  

Through 2022, I have had some scary/hard moments, moments that probably needed immediate attention, if I'm being honest.  Moments outside of myself, watching episodes happen, not able to stop and feeling helpless. 

I hope those are behind me... behind us.

I would be so embarrassed that I was so weak and unraveled allowing the pressure and my mental health win in front of my family and team.

I would think about how I'm hurting more people I care for bc of my mental state that it would be better to just be by myself. Its a feeling outside of yourself, one that you can't get control over and you spiral into this depth of depression- sometimes it last for hours, or days of extreme low

My family saw me in my lowest moments this past year, without knowing really the internal battle I was having, its hard to explain something when you can't understand where the feeling is coming from in the first place, or why you feel the way you feel. 

I did some searching for answers, reaching out to 'professionals' leaving desperate message on answering services VMs looking for some kind of relief and just wanting to feel normal. 

After a bad but thankfully short stent of getting addicted to a pharma grade anti-depresent I realized that wasn't the 'medicine' I needed-

WERV is my medicine. So all the clear direction I thought I had completely went in the trash and out came what has... saved me, grounded me and gave me freedom to express. WERV  WE ARE VICTORIOUS is a positive affirmation to take with you into 2023- and so powerful. 

Through out these past several months I knew I needed to learn how to build my arsenal. I needed to be more prepared and combat these episodes when everything around me starts bottoming out.  

I've learned that I might not be completely free of 'this feeling' but I can do my part with my family so together we can get through it. 

Everything I am is: WERV We Are Victorious.

and what I have defined also as Valkyrie Rogers- A Valkyrie Rogers is tru to who she is down to her bones-  this is grounding yourself- never forgetting your roots and never allowing anyone else to take your paint brush to create your canvas. 

Focused and Driven by passion- sometimes the only driver you need is PASSION and may this be a reminder that the best tool for success is heart & passion in everything you are about. 

I am my biggest enemy and even I can't stop myself, so Pray for my Enemies

Throwing out the plans and going with my heart is not the best advice I would give you, but coming from a veteran in this game, it was needed. 

Upcoming in 2023 I have the 'VIBE' release happening. No date drop yet, but there will be some fun NEON and dope passion designs and pieces coming to you soon.  You will see less drops in 2023, and more very special collections

I just want to say from the bottom of my heart with tears THANK YOU for seeing my passion, believing in the realness and rawness of it all- thank you for being apart of this community... my Community. I can't wait for 2023. 



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